Core Charge Policy
We want to ensure that you are refunded your core charge as soon as possible but to do this; we need your help following these guidelines.

We require that all cores be returned within 30 days after the initial purchase delivery date (the date the product was delivered to you via shipping carrier). Failure to do so can/will result in the forfeiting of your entire core charge refund. You agree to this 100%.

All cores must be returned to the original warehouse from which the original shipment was sent. This address can change at our discretion. In most cases, we do not provide return shipping labels for cores. Use this tag if a return label is provided in the original shipment. If one is omitted, contact us immediately. We can provide you with the correct address of where the core(s) must be returned to and an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number. DO NOT rely on the return address on the original label as a source for where to ship to. You agree to this 100%.

Suppose cores are shipped to the incorrect warehouse. In that case, your core money will be returned less the shipping cost for us to send the core(s) to the correct warehouse, or if you deferred the core, you may be charged for the shipping amount. You agree to this 100%.

Cores that have been disassembled or have missing and damaged significant
components will receive only partial core credit. You agree to this 100%.

Cores must be returned in the original packaging in which the new part was shipped. Most manufacturers design special product packaging to protect them while in transit. Failure to reuse this packaging can damage the core(s), which could lead to the forfeiture of your core return. Specifically, regarding Bosch, they have a strict policy that core returns must be in their original packaging. If the original packaging is not used, the part number must be identifiable on the part itself. A core return will only be available if these core criteria are met.

You agree to this 100%.

Returned cores must match the vehicle fitment of the new part purchased. For instance, if you buy a replacement turbo for a 2007.5-2012 Dodge Ram 6.7L Cummins, the returned core must fit that same application. You agree to this 100%.

We can alter this policy (i.e., extend the terms) for any reason. If you have an outstanding circumstance, contact us. You agree to this 100%.